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How Our Program Works

The Breakdown

HireTraining students go through a comprehensive sales and recruiting training program, while gaining real experience in our Sales Lab. Let’s get into the specifics!

Remote Lessons

Students will watch HireTraining’s Sales & Recruiting videos at their own pace. Once a student feels comfortable with the information they have learned, they will complete the associated test in order to progress to the next lesson. If you need any help in the program just reach out to your HireTraining instructor.

1-on-1 Coaching

HireTraining’s 1-on-1 coaching provides a specific time for fostering individual growth and ensuring that each student's questions are sufficiently met. This time is often spent in role plays, diving deeper into course content, live outreach with your coach and career pathing. Let us personally give you the playbook to your success and focus on developing your individual and unique style.

The Sales Lab

The HireTraining SalesLab is the real life experience you have been searching for. You will be a fully functioning sales rep or recruiter at HireTraining and our partner organizations, working on deals while receiving coaching from your instructors. Hone your craft in a controlled learning focused environment while building confidence in the skills you have developed.

Your Career

Your next career starts here! Aside from the skills and experience you will gain, HireTraining’s goal is to provide you with the sales or recruiting career you aspire for. We provide you interview training, resume building, and tailored career pathing to ensure that you have a leg up on the competition and life. Ready to start your career on the right foot?

The HireTraining Experience

What You Will Learn

Introduction & Sourcing, CRM


Objections, Questioning & Voicemails

Cadence, Emails & Social Selling

Sales Cycle & Recruiting Cycle

Value Presentation & Closing

Advanced Pitching Techniques

Advanced Sourcing & Advanced Prospecting

Discovery Calls & Development Calls

Career Readiness & Time Management

Our Training will help you Master:

Sourcing skills that enable you to generate high quality leads.
Prospecting techniques that consistently bring in new customers.
Running question based Discovery Calls that lead to deeper value.
Swiftly moving through objections to find commonality and impact.
Cutting edge software that streamlines your process and success.
Engaging your customer through empathetic selling and active listening.
A winning mindset needed for a successful career in sales or recruiting.
Closing strategies that get you the deal.

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