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Current hiring practices for entry level sales and recruiting positions are based entirely on personality and assumed work ethic.

Each HireTraining graduate completes 14+ hours of hybrid remote/live training and 1-on-1 coaching with top industry professionals. Throughout the course students are held to knowledge based tests & workshops to ensure their skills are up to our client’s standards. Students can also take part in our SalesLab where they gain real experience sourcing, calling, running a prospecting cycle & more. HireTraining takes the uncertainty out of hiring through our data driven hiring platform. Are you ready to modernize your hiring process?

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Intelligent Hiring Platform:

The HireTraining Hiring Platform reduces sales and recruiting turnover, shortens your time to hire and brings a new layer of visibility to your hiring process. We provide you consistent access to candidate data, KPI metrics and quota attainment for each graduate. This level of visibility streamlines your process and allows data driven hiring decisions to be made.

A Different Caliber of Candidates:

Imagine your best hire… now imagine your worst. It’s no surprise that the quality of entry level hires differs greatly. HireTraining initially screens candidates based on a rigorous assessment of natural ability, attitude, aptitude and grit. Our students are then equipped with the skillset and mentality that is necessary to succeed in sales and recruiting. Keep in mind, this is no accident each student invested their own time and their own money to learn and grow by choice. HireTraining candidates have absolutely no fear of cold calling, a faster time to sale, and an eagerness to grow with you!

We’re Investing In Your Success:

HireTraining makes the initial investment with our time, our money and our resources to build you the best future employee. Our students’ ability to produce for you directly mirrors our success and anchors your prosperity to our own. We continue to invest in your success by working with you to develop future candidates that meet the changing needs of your business. Our goal is to create partnerships for life.

Build A Culture By Design:

How would you define your culture? Did you design this culture or was it inherited from your hiring choices? Company culture has never been more important and every employee is an active influencer of that culture. HireTraining works with you to identify your ideal cultural fits and places candidates who can support you in furthering it.

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